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Unlocking Growth: How Realx ERP Post Sales Real Estate CRM Software Elevates Customer Relationships

Experience a seamless and comprehensive post-sales journey with our Best Post Sales Real Estate CRM Software. From providing a detailed overview of your CRM inventory to facilitating effortless data upload through Excel, our system is designed for maximum efficiency.

Ready to redefine your customer relationships? Let’s explore how Realx ERP Post Sales CRM solution can revolutionize your business landscape.

  • CRM Inventory Overview :
    Provide a comprehensive view of the inventory within the CRM system.
    Include details such as available units, booked units, and other inventory-related information.
    Utilize visual tools like charts and graphs to offer an intuitive overview of the current inventory status.
    Include filters for easy navigation and categorization of inventory based on various criteria.
  • CRM Inventory Excel Upload :
    Enable users to upload inventory data in bulk through Excel files for efficient data management.
    Provide validation checks to prevent errors during the upload process.
  • Cost Sheet Estimation with Price Breakup :
    Create detailed cost sheets with a breakdown of costs associated with each unit.
    Include factors like construction costs, overheads, and profit margins.
  • Quotation Generation and Converting Quotation to Booking :
    Generate accurate quotations based on cost estimates.
    Simplify the conversion process with one-click options to turn a quotation into a confirmed booking.
  • Booking Preview, Submit, and Approval Process :
    Provide a preview of the booking details to customers.
    Facilitate a streamlined process for customers to submit bookings.
    Implement an approval process for validating bookings.
  • Move, Modify, or Cancel Booking :
    Allow customers to request changes to their bookings, such as modifications or cancellations.
    Implement an efficient process for handling such requests.
  • Customer Referral :
    Implement a referral program to encourage customers to refer others.
    Track and reward customers for successful referrals.
  • Project Payment Schedule :
    Define and communicate the payment schedule for the entire project.
    Include milestones and deadlines for payments.
  • Payment Schedule by Unit :
    Provide a detailed payment schedule for each unit.
    Specify installment amounts and due dates.
  • Payment Schedule by Block :
    Segment payment schedules by project blocks or phases for better organization.
    Enable customization to accommodate the unique requirements of each block.
  • Payment Follow-Up :
    Implement a systematic follow-up system, including automated emails and SMS reminders.
    Provide a central dashboard for staff to view and manage follow-ups effectively.
  • Payment Dues & Receipt History :
    Maintain a record of payment dues and a comprehensive history of receipts.
  • Payment Collection :
    Streamline the process of collecting payments securely.
  • Payment Realisation :
    Automate the updating of payment statuses in real-time upon successful realization.
    Generate instant acknowledgments to customers for confirmed payments.
  • Interest Calculation and Exemption :
    Calculate and apply interest on overdue payments.
    Implement exemptions based on predefined criteria.
  • Extra Payments like Corpus and Others :
    Facilitate easy setup and tracking of various extra payments associated with each project.
    Clearly communicate the purpose and terms of extra payments to customers.
  • Extra Payment Set Up by Project :
    Allow project managers to configure and manage extra payments specific to their projects.
    Ensure transparency in communicating the purpose and timing of extra payments to customers.
  • Demand Letter Generation :
    Automate the generation and distribution of demand letters to customers for upcoming payments, providing transparency to customers.
    Include customization options for demand letters based on project and customer details.
  • Allotment Letter Issue :
    Automatically issue allotment letters upon successful bookings.
  • Bank Loan Process Management :
    Streamline the entire bank loan application, approval, and disbursement process within the CRM.
  • Bank-Specific Template for Loan Disbursement :
    Generate documents and templates specific to each bank’s requirements for loan disbursement.
    Provide template customization options to adhere to the specific requirements of different banks.
  • Agreement of Sales (AOS Document Generation) :
    Automatically generate Agreement of Sales documents with accurate details.
    Allow for customization of AOS documents based on project and legal requirements.
  • Sale Deed and Registration Process :
    Create a structured workflow for managing the sale deed and registration process.
    Include status tracking and alerts for key milestones in this process.
  • TDS Calculation and Certificate Management :
    Integrate TDS calculation tools to automatically deduct and manage TDS amounts.
    Generate TDS certificates and provide a secure repository for certificate management.
  • Customer Document Management :
    Implement a centralized document repository within the CRM for each customer.
    Provide a secure platform for customers to upload and manage their documents.
  • Payment Summary Report :
    Generate a comprehensive report summarizing all payment-related transactions.
    Include filters and export options for customized reporting.
  • Handing Over Process :
    Define a structured process for handing over possession of units to customers.
    Include a checklist to ensure all necessary steps are completed before handover.
  • Customer Portal :
    Develop a user-friendly and secure customer portal for seamless interaction.
    Provide access to key information, such as booking details, payment history, and project updates.
  • Email & SMS Management :
    Integrate an email and SMS management system for seamless communication.
    Facilitate communication with customers through automated email and SMS, including notifications and updates.
  • Executive and Management Reports :
    Develop customizable reports for executives and management.
    Cover key performance indicators, financial metrics, and customer satisfaction indices.

Key Benefits

Centralized Customer Database

Automated Follow-ups with Reminders

Analytics and Reporting

In a competitive market where customer retention is as crucial as acquisition, Realx ERP emerges as the Best Post Sales Real Estate CRM Software for businesses. It’s not just about closing deals; it’s about building enduring relationships that translate into long-term success.

Choose Realx Sales CRM software to elevate your customer relationships, streamline post-sales processes, and unlock a new realm of business possibilities. It’s the key to turning one-time buyers into lifelong advocates for your brand.

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