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Realx Supply Chain Management and Procurement Software: Empowering Efficiency, Enhancing Excellence, Redefining Success in Every Transaction.

Revolutionize your business operations with Realx Supply Chain Management and Procurement Software. Our advanced solution empowers you to optimize and streamline every aspect of your supply chain, from procurement to distribution. Realx ensures seamless integration, enhanced efficiency, and strategic decision-making. Take control of your supply chain processes and elevate your business to new heights with our comprehensive and user-friendly software.

Realx ERP simplifies your procurement process from requisition to payment. Create Purchase Requisitions, generate Material Indents, and seamlessly process Purchase Orders. Track Advance Purchase Bills, validate with Material Receipt Notes (MRN), and complete the cycle with Goods Receipt Notes (GRN).

Manage Stock Transfers, Material Issues, and Returns with precision. Keep a real-time check on Inventory Stock, ensuring optimal levels. The integrated system handles Purchase Bills, supports Recovery, and automates Payment Certificates, making financial transactions seamless.

Realx ERP extends its capabilities to Material Bill of Quantities (BOQ), Customer Invoices, and SCM Reports for comprehensive insights. Enhance collaboration with a Vendor Portal, facilitating efficient communication and transactions. Experience efficiency and transparency in your procurement and inventory management with Realx ERP.

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Realx SCM: Transforming Business Dynamics with Seamless Procurement and Supply Chain Streamlining

  • A document generated within an organization to request the purchase of goods or services. It typically includes details such as item descriptions, quantities, and justifications for the purchase.
  • Users create purchase requisitions specifying the materials or services needed.
  • Similar to a purchase requisition, a material indent is a formal request for materials needed for production or other processes. It serves as an internal request for procurement.
  • Approved requisitions are converted into material indents detailing quantity, specifications, and delivery requirements.
  • A legally binding document issued by a buyer to a seller, outlining the details of the products or services to be purchased, including quantities, prices, and delivery terms.
  • Automated approval workflows ensure proper authorization before transmitting the purchase order to the supplier.
  • A document requesting payment in advance for goods or services. This may be required by suppliers before fulfilling a purchase order.

  • Our system supports the creation and management of advance purchase bills, capturing pre-payment information.
  • A document acknowledging the receipt of materials. It is typically prepared by the receiving department and serves as a record of the items received.

  • Upon delivery, users generate MRNs to acknowledge receipt of materials.
  • MRNs provide details such as quantity received, condition, and any discrepancies.
  • Similar to MRN, GRN is a document acknowledging the receipt of goods. It is often used in the context of inventory management and is matched with the purchase order to verify deliveries.

  • GRNs are created to confirm the quality and quantity of received goods, triggering updates to inventory levels.
  • The process of transferring goods from one location or department to another within the same organization.
  • The system facilitates stock transfers between different locations, updating inventory levels and maintaining traceability.
  • The process of releasing materials from inventory for use in production or other processes.
  • Users request material issues for consumption in production or other processes, specifying quantities and purposes.
  • The process of returning materials to inventory that were previously issued but not used.
  • In case of defective or surplus materials, users can process issue returns to update inventory levels accordingly.
  • The system continuously tracks and manages inventory levels in real-time, ensuring optimal stock levels and preventing stockouts.
  • The invoice received from a supplier for goods or services and the subsequent process of recovering payments.
  • Purchase bills are matched against corresponding purchase orders and goods receipts for accuracy.
  • The system supports recovery processes, ensuring proper documentation and accounting for payments.
  • Payment certificates may be generated to verify work completion or milestone achievement before processing payments.
  • A comprehensive list of items and quantities required for a construction or manufacturing project.
  • Bill of Quantities (BOQ) for materials is maintained, helping in accurate procurement planning and cost estimation.
  • A document issued by a seller to a buyer, indicating the products or services provided, quantities, prices, and payment terms.
  • The system generates customer invoices based on sales orders, ensuring accurate billing and supporting various invoicing formats.
  • Various reports generated to analyze and monitor different aspects of the supply chain, such as inventory levels, order status, and supplier performance.
  • Credit notes are documents issued by a seller to a buyer indicating a reduction or adjustment in the amount payable due to a return of goods or other reasons, ensuring accurate accounting and reflecting changes in financial transactions.
  • Vendor portals enable vendors/suppliers to access the online platform and update relevant information, such as product details, order status, invoices, and delivery schedules.

Realx ERP doesn’t just manage your procurement and inventory; it transforms these processes into a strategic advantage. With an intuitive interface, robust features, and seamless integration, Realx ERP empowers your business with efficiency, transparency, and the flexibility to adapt to evolving supply chain needs.

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