Good news is builders are realizing that by using technology and software they can increase sales, reduce cost and enhance customer satisfaction. If you are not thinking of this yet, there are chances that you might be left behind!!

Now the difficult part is decision making on which software to buy.

Difficulty becomes a nightmare when the approach is look at one software to take care of all the aspects – front-office (marketing to handover), back-office (project management, inventory management) and finance & accounting. There isn’t one software and application that does all of these 3 pieces well. The technology and software selection approach should be to select the best software in each of these 3 areas – front-office, back-office and finance & accounting. The most important of course is Finance and Accounting as it is a necessity. Next is front-office operations as it help in increasing sales and customer satisfaction. Lastly and most complex part is back-office operations that brings control and discipline in project execution. is focusing on front-end aspects – marketing – sales – CRM – booking – buyer login – documentation – collection – reporting – handover. The architecture is designed in a way so that it can very easily integrate with other software.

So if you are ready to make a choice for technology and software for your real-estate company, starting from one and move towards three as you grow and mature!!